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It all began on the island of Caeli, where our two brave adventurers met for the first time. A Tiefeling paladin from the Ashen Empire and an Elfen druid brought by dark magic from a parallel dimension.

The heroes came in the time of need and liberated the island of pirates, who stole the mayor and raided the village. They have returned villagers their gold and commandeered the pirate boat for themselves.

Our heroes used the boat to get into the town of Ister and from there to the Capital city of Capitis of the Amandi Empire. They took a quest from the inn-keep and cleared a bandit dungeon North of the city. While in town they also managed to scam a local weapon smith for a while and strip two people of their cash at the casino.

Only gods know what lies ahead…

Home Page

The Quest for Fame and Glory Doelar Doelar